The key ambition of the Circular Food Center is to retain 1 billion kilograms of food in the supply chain.

This knowledge centre and meeting place is established in the Netherlands (CHV Noordkade, Meierijstad). The initiatives at the centre will contribute to SDG 12.3 as established by the United Nations in 2015 to reduce food waste by half by 2030. Businesses, social organisations, research institutes, and government agencies will join forces here. The Circular Food Center is a key project in the Regio Deal Noordoost Brabant (northeast Brabant regional deal).

Circular Food Center
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Samen Tegen Voedselverspilling (Food Waste Free United)

Together with the Dutch government, the province of Noord-Brabant, municipality of Meierijstad, and all its stakeholders and supporting organisations, the Food Waste Free United foundation aims to make the Netherlands an international example for waste-free, circular food chains. Food Waste Free United is the driving force behind the Circular Food Center and its office is located at CHV Noordkade as well.


Food Waste Facts & Figures

For facts and figures about food waste and residual streams, please refer to the Food Waste Free United website.

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