Circular innovations in the food chain

Retaining raw materials and optimal recycling. In other words: preventing food waste. This is at the core of all initiatives at the Circular Food Center. The centre is the – online and offline – heart of:

The Food Waste Free United ecosystem.

Clusters of businesses and research institutes who put innovations into practice and develop circular business cases.

Educational programmes in collaboration with educational institutions.

Research and development programmes with the business community.

The annual Verspillingsvrije Week (waste-free week) (September), with materials for businesses and municipality to activate consumers all over the country.

Annual MBO and HBO food-waste challenge.

Activities aimed at secondary-school and higher-education students.

Hybrid learning environment in The Chocolate Factory.

Unique systematic approach

Businesses from throughout chain, research institutes, social organisations, and government agencies join forces at the Circular Food Center. A unique, systematic, and combined approach is the key, focused on four lines of action:

Circular Food Center Line of action 1
Circular Food Center Line of action 2
Circular Food Center Line of action 3
Circular Food Center Line of action 4

For more information about the four lines of action, please refer to the Food Waste Free United website.

Multiple clusters approach

At the moment two clusters of businesses, research institutes, social organisations and governments are actively working together on specific challenges.